The McCanns revisited

This is long but the lady has clearly thought it right through and I like the perspective of a young mother – it really cuts through much of the ordure. She keeps repeating key points but why not? Maybe one for spare time? Two parts to it:

The attempt to drive young, normal women off the web

Anyone devoting time to Deplorable, MAGA, Brexit, family type politics really does, IMHO, however he/she might see Blonde as relevant only to the young, need to give her a hearing – this is her latest.

And yes, it’s a small community with the Martin Selners, Brittanies, the Canadian girl, the Brexit Party youth – but they’re getting big traffic and that’s critical. Turning Point is another good group. My view, as you’d gather from my old profession, is to help and encourage young people like Blonde.

She’s having her doubts, they’re being rotten to her, Soros I’m sure is at least part funding it.

Blonde mentions that girls are more vulnerable … than who? Than men. A lifetime of fighting does help. She explains why they’re targetting young women on this side – it’s to convey the impression that anyone Deplorable must be a male loser in a basement.

So big money attacks, belittle’s threatens, doxxes or prints private details – the push to get young women offline is enormous. We must not let it happen. If you blog, you can help by posting this youtube.

I don’t like her crude expressions, they do nothing for her image, someone needs to tell her that.


1. Name’s Justin, Justin Soy Boy:

2. “But of course in the end, the country voted to leave. You might not like that and I might not like that, and many people watching this programme may think that was the wrong choice. But we are a democracy.”